Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Interior Shields

Motorcycle Helmet Replacement Interior Shields

Interior shield for Ghost Bandit and Mod Bandit helmets.

Use a dark shield during the day and raise it to ride home at night without sacrificing protection.

High definition blue was first used by desert racers in dusty condition, but similarly to the amber shields it helps enhance contrast in cloudy conditions.

Visor pivots easily up or down.


60 years of safety

Riding is more than what you do, it's a part of who you are. The iconic Simpson Bandit motorcycle helmet is timeless and as original as the individuals that wear it. From its’ humble beginning in decades past, the Simpson Bandit has led an evolution into the cult favorite Simpson motorcycle helmets of today. From 1959 until now, whether it’s racing or riding, Simpson has been making all things that go fast safer.